Authentic Rwandan Village Tours With A Giving Heart


Founded in 2013 by three high school friends, Rwanda Treasure Tours offers cultural village excursions, giving you a glimpse into the real life of the Rwandan people and the age-old traditions they practice. We’re also a registered non-profit organization, dedicated to giving back to the local community—specifically helping children of poor families to attend school and building homes for those in need. Join us!

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Experience the real life of Rwandans through our cultural village tours. Discover what you might see and experience with us. 


75% of proceeds are donated to local families and community-improvement projects. See what we're working on now. 


We're stronger together. Meet the people who have supported our community and our experienced local guides. 

"An absolute highlight of our trip to Rwanda." - Amanda Cardwell, U.S.A.

"We were worried it could have been one of those set-ups for tourists to sell you the illusion of 'local.' But nothing could have been further from the truth." - Giovanni Campolo-Arcidiaco, Australia

"A remarkably authentic tour. A rare opportunity and a real treat to join local people in the midst of their everyday lives." - Greg Rudolph, U.S.A.

"I will never forget the smiles. Truly an emotionally-involving experience." - Francesco Carones, Italy

Rwanda Treasure Tours

Kinigi, Northern Province, Rwanda

(+250) 788 971 717